Photos from Bohuslän 2004

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Passing Vinga and Gothenburg, hading north Business-sailing? Smögen The sea west of  Smögen
The swing bridge at the Soten canal, north of Smögen Summerhouse in Bohuslän SXKs buoy north of Havstenssund Havstenssund, seen from northwest  
Rain in north of Bohuslän Strömstad the third week in August( in the summer there are hardly any water to be seen) Kosterfjorden towards east and Strömstad Kosterarchipelago fro the lighthouse of North Kosters
Koster towards northwest and Norway Nice American yacht in Nordkoster Ursholmen The famous rocks of Ursholmen
The harbour of Ursholmen Ramsö in August  Lindisfarne - that's means the mast behind the cliff Väderöarna, Storön
The harbour and the pilothouse at Storön Our "own" harbour at Väderöarna The ferry to Storön Passing west of Smögen, going south 
Seals in the archipelago of Gåsö The harbour of Ellös on the days of "Öppnet varv" (the home of Hallberg Rassy) Going inland from Ellös Lurö färja, with tide and 15m/s
The bridge of Uddevalla seen from the west last marina before going back to work, Almösund Tjörnbridge seen from the north