Photos from Blekinge, Bornholm, Skåne and Danish part of Kattegatt 2004

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Utklippan seen from northeast SXK-harbour at Utklippan an old fishing rescue harbour Offshore-harbour Utklippan STF youth hostel on Tjärö
Saturday candy! Tjärö Departure from Tjärö and our friends for this time The Assarsson clan (and Björn), cousins of Björn
Karlskrona The genaker of Borita, another Forgus, tested on Lindisfarne Bornholm by bike Allinge, Bornholm
Stone carvings in Bornholm Tejn, Bornholm Towards Skåne in fog, very frequently in this area Smyghamn, the south point of Sweden
Alga's in the southern Baltic Falsterbo channel Öresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden The harbour of Helsingborg
Welcoming party in Helsingborg Friends living in the harbour of Helsingborg The north harbour of Helsingborg Just arrived from the Caribbean
Cocktail at Gilleleje The harbour of Odden at Sjelland Odde We are sometimes smaller than usual! Friends from Canada
Two Forgus 37 in the harbour of Grenå Anholt Anholt + 17m/s Renting a bike
Tour de Anholt Wrong place? Anholt south west part Anholts marina building
The harbour of Anholt looking west Ökken on Anholt Crayfish are cheep and tasty at Anholt  Vesterö, on the island of Läsö