Photos from Gotland and Öland 2004

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Heading towards Gotland Rain in Visby Visby The town wall of Visby
Fårö and Fårösund Waiting for the bus with folded bikes Sudersand Fårö
Feerist The map we got in the bakery There are many sheep's and nothing grows lower than 1m Raukar at the north part of Fårö
More Rauks And jet more Rauks The church of Fårö Sheep sable on Fårö
Fårö The cue to the ferry! It's very nice with bikes.....! The result of the bugs from one night . Lyckely not very common! Barnacle Goose at Östergarn, east of Gotland
Lighthouse of Östergarn Abandoned well The gate to the lighthouse of Östergarn Next stop Russia!
The only inhabitants of Östergarns The abondoned lighthouse of Östergarn   Ringed Plovers and Dunlins   
Herrvik, Gotland Herrvik Vändburg, Gotland South of Vändburg  
The lighthouse "Långe Jan" seen from Grönhögen on Öland Flight of birds over the south cape of Öland The south of Ölands Southeast coast of the south cape of Öland, seen from the lighthouse "Långe Jan"
Northeast from Långe Jan towards Grönhögen Eketorp, a very ancient fortress on Öland The harbour of Grönhögen One of the authors/crew