Photos from Finland and Åland 2004

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Vasa by night Famous sailing boat for the postman Rocky archipelago leading beacon
Thunder rain! Wooden town Eckerö Finish rescue boat, imported from UK? Guest harbour at Eckerö
It's nice to have a sailing yacht! Old checkpoint Kilen Kilen
It's very shallow, we are very muck offshore! Björneborg Lighthouse west of Björneborg Nuclear power plant west of  Björneborg
Looking west for Sweden? Kylmäpihlaja, the lighthouse west of Rauma The catch of the day! Lighthouse- and pilot harbour at Kylmäpihlaja
Turnstone Dunlin and two Turnstones Cloudberry at sea Ringed Plover
Super beacons Our first crowded guest harbour, Nystad Museum of wind mills in Nystad Enskär west of Nystad
The lighthouse of Enskärs And it's lens View towards mainland Finland from Enskär Idyllic Enskär
Black Guillemot Approach to  Enskär The harbour pier at Enskär with lots of Black Guillemots Åland and not so nice whether
Djupvik on the north part of Åland Not the Höga Kusten by high enough 50 degree headwind There is a heavy traffic through  the archipelago of Ålands
Mariehamn Åländsk/Finsk midsummer pole The house of the sailing association in Mariehamn Mariehamn and the guest harbour in the background
Departure from Åland One of many ferries on the sea of Åland