Photos from the east coast of Sweden, Söderköping - Sundsvall 2004

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Stegeborg, a ruin of a ancient castle in Slätbaken More shags Häradsskär east of Oxelösund Breeding season
Västra Stendörren in the archipelago west of Nyköping Sävsundet Approach to Södertälje The biggest lock in Sweden, Södertälje, to the Mälar lake
Ekerö in the Mälar lake Last lock in, Hammarby in Stockholm New buildings in Stockholm, Hammarby "sea town" The museum of the Wasa ship our berth for three nights
You can really enjoy Stockholm from a yacht There are yachts and there are art Who would not want this? East of Stockholm The remote outer archipelago east of Stockholm
The lighthouse Svartklubben north of Väddö Museum lightship in Öregrund Thunder storm in Öregrundsgrepen The lighthouse  Björn east of Gävle
Storjungrun Storjungfrun, looking west to the mainland Kuggören Mellanfjärden
The sauna at Kattskär The mooring Kattskär owned by the sailing association in Sunsvall Approached Sundsvall Thunder?