Photos from Göta canal, Göteborg - Söderköping 2004

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The fortress west of Gothenburg Another blue water cruiser Fars Hatt ancient fortress up the river in Kungälv The third bridge, Kungälv only one hour from the sea
The locks in Trollhättan, 7 m each Very big lock for the merchant ships Spikön in Trollhättan and "Björns bridge" Lighthouse Naven in the Väner lake
There is a nice and big archipelago in the Väner lake   Sjötorp, just below the sea lock to the Väner lake The first lock in the canal, up to the Väner lake it's a river
Sjötorp with the Väner lake in the background The ships are designed after the locks! Not much air in between! A simple rolling bridge, they are plentiful in the canal Between Väner and Vätter lakes
A lifting swing bridge and five locks at Ricksberg Sometimes there are unexpected effects The house fro the director when the canal was built Camping on an island in the canal
A draw bridge next to the lake Viken Remaining from the wall where they used to pull the sailing ships in the lake Viken You almost need a saw to cut your way Forsvik with an ancient bridge a new bridge and a lock
It's cold for the crew in early June We are not rescued, this is Karlsborg at the Vättern lake Omberg on the east side of Vättern lake Vadstena, an old town at Vättern with a castle and a monastery
Mooring in the castle A perfect berth in the moat with the bow to the west and to the sun! Harbour area in Vadstena Motala
View east over Boren lake Slaves? No just the crew Aqueduct, one of two in the canal Lock with a beautiful overflow
The canal was built  1812-1822 Stairs of locks in Berg and the lake Roxen Berg, seen from the lake Roxen Linköping south of Roxen
Annika having breakfast on Roxen Shags in Roxen Another railway bridge Norsholm, with a railway bridge and a lock
The views along the canal are fantastic, even if the whether not always....... Söderköping Three more to go Two storey houses is a must, Söderköping
Mem upper lock Mem in the Baltic sea, Lindisfarne need some fuel