Photos from Finike to Bodrum 2003

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The castle Kale Köy in Kekova Roads Karalzon
A bay in the bay with Lindisfarne in the bottom
The same "berth" in Karalzon visiting the castle
"Greek" street in Kas Allen and Joyce in Sojourner, friends from New Zeeland Almost like in Sweden, moor to a tree! It's a hard life to be guests, you have to take care of the log!
Now we are on to a hike An island walk in the Fethie area Halfway- pause in the shadow A common view in Turkey
Keci Bükü Sanna from Örebro, friend from Kemer Be careful Nice stone carving
The temple of Knidos The northwest harbour of Knidos Steep and difficult to get ashore The castle of Bodrum