Photos from  Greece, Lesbos - Monemvasia 2003

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Port Sigri, Lesbos west part After passing a Greek steamer Some rain and thunder Typical Greek village with typical Greek fast ferry
The old village high above the shore to be protected from pirates Linaria on Skyros You have to take care of the water when you are planning a house One of many ferries in Gavrion, Andros
Wonderful anchorage at Kitnos, but it has to be out of season! A l chapel on the peak, Kitnos He got his own mooring bay, but totally burned background Porto Kheli on the mainland, Peloponnesian
Idyllic spot- Ieraka, Peloponnesia Drying octopus Inner see and the village Ieraka, Peleponnesia Monemvasia seen from the north, Peleponnesia
The old village of Monemvasia Old Monemvasia Old Monemvasia Old Monemvasia
The Marina in Monemvasia, Peleponnesia The cliff from south The ancient church Ayia Sofia at the top of the cliff Old remaining of ancient Monemvasia at the top
Ayia Sofia at the edge Old Monemvasia the escape way to the upper village Departure Monemvasia