Album from Ostfrisen islands into Holland 2002

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Clay cradle in Langeoog
Among bush stakes southeast of Juist
Delfzilj - First lock in Holland
A grey day on the channel to Gronningen
Modern! Probably, but is it nice?
Modern living
One more
Drizzle in Gronningen
Crowded? No we got through
Classic windmills outside Lauwersee
Busy channel
Nice surroundings
Bridge payment in a wooden-shoe 
Living close to the water!
Spectacular road bridge
in Leeuwarden
Waiting for the train is not always waiting for the train (we where only waiting for the bridge to open!!)
Now and then we are on the top!
Classic Holland- channel ship and house
Hoorn´s inner harbour
Tower in Hoorn from 1532
Hoorn and inclined houses
There is nothing wrong with the camera!
Sailing on Ijsselmeer
Racing on Ijsselmeer
Look at her feet
The lock to Amsterdam
The lock to the North sea
Early morning in Scheveningen