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A strange year
Swe - Ireland - Sweden
MexW - Greenland - Swe


North America + Mexico
Japan + North America
SE Asia - Japan + S Korea
Canada+USA Malaysia
S + N Pacific
Australia NZ S Pacific
New Zealand
South Pacific
Antarctica + Chile
Portugal to Patagonia
Sweden to Portugal
The Baltic sea
Turkey to Sweden
Sweden to Turkey
Faeroe islands
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Winter sailing in Sweden
This year started just fine for us - sailing almost all the time.
Then the pandemic took over - no one knows how or when it will end.
Luckily we are allowed to go sailing in Sweden - no lockdown.
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Boatswoks in Sweden
Sweden - Ireland - Sweden
Sailing in Northern Europe all year.
A trip and return to Ireland plus a lot of sailing along the Swedish West coast during the fall and winter.
And some boat-works made in Sweden.
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Mar - Apr
Feb - Mar
Dec 17 - Jan 18

Scotland - Sweden
Key West + ICW
Mexico in December 2017 and January 2018.

Panama Canal in February
- Panama, Key West, ICW, New York, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Greenland, Scottland, Norway and to Sweden in September
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USA West Coast
BC and US + Round Vancouver Island
Boat maintenance during 2017

Sailing in Vancouver/Seattle inland waters - including a trip around  Vancouver Island.
Then south along US West coast to  Mexico in December
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Canada, Ketchikan - Ladysmith
Alaska, Klawock - Ketchikan
Alaska, Sitka - Klawock
Alaska, Juneau - Sitka
Alaska, Seward - Gulf of Alaska
Alaska, Attu till Geografic Harbor
Tannowa to Kushiro, Hokkaido
This year we have weathering of Alaska  - again - and hope the weather will take us from Japan to the nearest Alaska islands in the beginning of June.
In April we start sailing in Japan to go up north to Hokkaido to wait for the right conditions for the crossing. For how long we will stay in North America will show during the journey,
Maybe we end up in Mexico by the end of this year.
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Feb - Mar
2014-March 2015

South Korea
Fukuoka - South Korea
Okinawa - Fukuoka, Kyushu
Okinawa, Japan
Sailing in the Philippines
Sailing Malaysia to the Philippines
Part 4 repair/rebuild
Since launching last year we have completed almost everything and have also had time to do some sailing.
We count on being able to start the journey up north and to the cold in March  - Yes we still believe in Alaska till midsummer.
But - In early June we realised we were to late for Alaska this year.
All our repairs and replacement makes us stay in Japan/South Korea until spring next year.
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July - Dec
mars 2014
2013-March 2014

Sailing in Malaysia and Thailand
Ankor Wat in Cambodia
Part 3 repair/rebuild
The break from sailing became almost exactly three years...
We hauled out in July 2012 and launched in April 2014.
And at that time we where far from ready...
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Jan - May

Part 2 repair/rebuild

We knew that it would take a year to change from one boat to another, and sure it does. So this year is a long hard working time in the heat.
The plan is to go to Phuket for new sails as soon as we have launched, and then sail around in the area waiting for the season to go north.
To Alaska again...
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June - Dec

The new home under repair/rebuild
The new home under construction

Section IX - Back to the cold, we thought...
When we in March came back to Lindisfarne in Canada we hade time for some web browsing as the rain was poring down.
- And we found our dream yacht.
Quick and easy we went to Malaysia after only ten days in Canada.
Quick and easy we decided that is was the time - now or never.
Quick and easy we had a buyer for Lindisfarne.
Since we took our new home in possession 1 of June, our life is focused on working, working and working. And that in for us a very high temperature and high humidity.
We know there was some problems we had to deal with, plus all we hade put up on the budget as upgrading.
We have always said that it will take a year to go from one boat to another, and we are sure that it is what we need for this project.
This section continues until we are ready to go sailing.
Next section - well time will show, we are coming back to that later on.
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Nov - Dec
Oct - Nov
Sept - Oct
Aug - Sept
July - Aug
Apr - July

One week in Florida
Prince Rupert - Ganges, Canada
Seward, Alaska - Prince Rupert, Canada
Dutch Harbor - Seward
Adak - Dutch Harbor
New Zealand - Alaska
Section VIII - Back to the cold.
After several months in the Swedish winter we returned in early March to the boat in New Zealand. The plan was to "just" stock up and take off on the first of three loooong trips north to Alaska, but we had to repaint the antifouling.
First stop Austral islands, then Tahiti, Hawaii and then as far west as possible along the Aleutian Islands.
The section ends in Alaska/Canada late October/November 2011
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Sep - Oct
May - Aug
Mar - May
Feb - Apr
Nov09 - Feb10

Auckland NZ - Fiji
Dunedin - Auckland
Stewart is, Fjordland - Dunedin
Australia and Tasmania
This year belongs to Section VII.
A route started in NZ Oct 09 ending in Alaska/Canada Oct/Nov 2011.
First landfall in Sydney November 2009 on route to Tasmania.
A rough route description - NZ north through the Islands to Japan, continuing via the Aleution Islands to Kodiak and the Alaska mainland. The western Pacific is full of islands.
--- October 2010 change of plan. ----
 Instead of Japan - Alaska it will be back to NZ, and then NZ - Tahiti - Hawaii - Alaska,  starting from NZ in April 2011.
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Apr - July
  Feb - 0331
Nov08 - Feb09

USA and Sweden
New Zealand part 2
New Zealand part 1
Since we arrived in New Zealand in November 08 we have made almost all planed steps and moves upgrading the boat. In April until late July we left NZ to visit USA and Sweden. Then we spent three month working with our boat - again...  Did a lots of nice - wish to do jobs.
Left NZ late October for Australia
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0828 - 1113
0721 - 0828
0501 - 0721
0626 - 0721
0501 - 0626
0319 - 0501
0118 - 0319

Tonga - New Zealand
Bora Bora - Vava'u in N Tonga
Flora and Fauna in South Pacific
Fakarava - Bora Bora
Gambier - Fakarava
Chile to French Polynesia
The last months in Chile

After five months in Sweden and a lots of new experiences we return to Puerto Montt, Chile, in the middle of January. By the end of February we started the journey with some weeks cruising in the enclosed "ocean" east of Chiloe, and in the middle of Mars navigated westward.
Arrived in New Zealand in November after a lots of nice South Pacific islands.
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Aug07 - Jan08
July 07
0520 - 0619
0315 - 0520
0129 - 0314
1228 - 0120

The trip to Sweden
The trip to Easter Island
Chiloé to Puerto Montt
Puerto Natales to Chiloé
Chile Puerto Williams to Puerto Natales

New Years evening in Drake Passage on our way to the Antarctica.
We were back to the South American continent in late January. In February we set of for a six month cruise north in the Chilean archipelago.
In late July we left the boat to go to Sweden for some months. Came back in the middle of January.
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1211 - 1228
1125 - 1210
1011 - 1125
0830 - 1011
0726 - 0830
0625 - 0726
0506 - 0625
0416 - 0506

Falkland Islands - Ushuaia, Argentina
Mar del Plata to Stanley, Falkland Islands
Uruguay to Mar del Plata, Argentina
Vitoria to Piriapolis, Uruguay
Salvador to Vitoria
Salvador Brazil and a trip to the Amazon
Gran Canaria to Salvador Brazil
Portugal to Gran Canaria

We lived in Lindisfarne over the winter in Lagos, Portugal.
April 16 we untied from the European mainland and headed for Madeira in the southwest.
The route for 2006 ended up like this:
Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Falklands, Patagonia and finally we spent the New Years eve in Drake Passage on our way to the Antarctica.
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0922 - 1012
0901 - 0921
0706 - 0831
0626 - 0706
0501 - 0625

Ireland - Spain
Tromsö - Ireland
Bodö - Tromsö in Norway
Gothenburg - Bodö in Norway
Lindisfarne's voyage from Gothenburg the first of May.
The first part vent up the Norwegian coast to Lofoten and Tromsö.
The second part was to reach Newfoundland, sailing to Island and Greenland on the route. But short before we reach Island we altered course south to the Faeroe islands and further south through Scotland, Ireland over Biscay to Spain and Portugal. We arrived in Lagos 8th of October with a plan to spend the winter here and continue south-west next year.
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0818 - 0829
0728 - 0817
0722 - 0727
0715 - 0722
0704 - 0715
0627 - 0703
0612 - 0627
0603 - 0612

Blekinge, Bornholm, Skåne and Denmark
Gotland and Öland
Stockholm - Oxelösund
Finland and Åland
Höga Kusten
Söderköping - Sundsvall
The Göta Canal to the East cost

During the winter we spent almost all time upgrading Lindisfarne.
In the meantime we sold our house and much more ...
The summer sailing, three month, we reach the Baltic sea through Göta Canal, sailed the southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, over to Finland and back to Gothenburg via Denmark
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0715 - 0909
0630 - 0714
0617 - 0629
0608 - 0616
0521 - 0608
0510 - 0518
0503 - 0506
0416 - 0503

Kroatien, Slovenien and home
Monemvasia - Corfu
Lesbos - Monemvasia
Bodrum - Ayvalik
Finike - Bodrum
Kemer and the cost line east

5 months voyage. (The trip started 2002 from Gothenburg to Turkey.)
From Kemer in Turkey to Koper in Slovenian, and on truck back to Gothenburg.
Route; Turkey, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Slovenian.
Start the 16th of April, final on the 12th of September.
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1018 - 1106
1001 - 1017
0911 - 1001
0831 - 0911
0816 - 0831
0804 - 0816
0720 - 0804
0716 - 0720
0713 - 0715
0707 - 0712
0629 - 0706
0616 - 0628

East Greece
West Greece
Balearerna - Grekland
Spain + Gibraltar
Biscay - Spain
Guernsey - France
Belgium - France
Cost line of Northern Sea + Holland
Gothenburg - Cuxhafen

5 months voyage.
From Gothenburg to Kemer in Turkey
Route; Kiel, the Channel, Biscay, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Balearics, Malta, Greece , Turkey.
Start 16 June, a flight home on the 8 of November..
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Voyage for 5 weeks - 16 June to the 21st of July
From Gothenburg to Faeroe islands via Norway, Shetland and Norway.
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Voyage for 5 weeks - 19 June to the 24th of July
From Gothenburg to Bergen with  visit to  Oslo on the way back.
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Bergen, Norway

Voyage for  6 weeks - 9 June to the 20 July
From Gothenburg to Scotland via Norway,  visiting  the Hebrides, the Orkney and Shetland islands and Norway once again sailing home to Gothenburg.
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Eastcoast to Westcoast, Sweden

The first voyage together with Lindisfarne - 4 weeks  - 12 may to the 12th of July.
From Stockholm to Gothenburg along the east, south and west coast around Sweden with a few visits to Denmark on the route.
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Photo Our first digital Camera, bought in 2002, was a little "instamatic" Kodak DX4900 and it lasted for 7000 photos. Then it died, caused by damages falling down three meter!
In 2004 we bought a Canon 300D, a digital Camera with changeable lenses. With this camera we took about 8000 pictures.
Late 2005 the family has enlarged with a Pentax WPi, which can cope with  1,5m water for 30 minutes. In 2007 we exchanged the 300D to a 400D and used it for about half a year until it suddenly died...  We could not wait for it to come back from service so we bought a 40D before we left for South Pacific in Mars 2008.
We always use highest resolution  and then reduced the photo file to just under 200KB to make it faster to open on Internet. Of course you lose some quality, but we hope you can enjoy the photos.
Photos earlier than 2002 are  scanned from film.