Spare parts
revised April 2016

This is one of the most difficult issues you have to consider before going cruising.
The size of your boat and your cruising area are two important factors when deciding what to bring.
If you have a small to medium displacement, you are quite limited because of the weight.
If you are cruising in US, Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand/Australia and similar surroundings spare parts are often available.
But cruising in more remote areas and less frequented by sailors, local or overseas, you have to be more self supported. Not only because lack of chandlers, more so the difficulties to get things shipped.
Some pilot books write e.g. about “the nightmare customs of Buenos Aries”. Tells you something about the difficulties in some part of the world.
Furthermore, the complexity of your installations increase your demands.
But where there is no debate what to bring are consumables.
Filters, impellers, belts, fuses, bulbs, membranes for pumps and so on…
Consult the engine manufacture for advice what to bring regarding your engine. We asked three different shops and got three lists. 2/3 was the same parts, but… So it might be a good idea to have a second opinion.
The only really significant parts we have repaired or changed during our years of cruising with Lindisfarne are pumps.
The engine have one saltwater and one freshwater pump, both are exchanged. Our galley and shower pressure pump is new since two years. The grey water pump have had it’s membrane exchanged… The feeding pump (low pressure) for the water maker have had new membranes and valves.
So for sure we advise you to bring spare pumps and spare parts to pumps (not to forget the pump in the head).
Tools and a set of screws, bolts, bits and pieces like plywood, plexiglas, delrin, rubber cloth, sheet of stainless and more, are quite essential when it comes to repair in remote places.
And remember, if you don’t need what you brought, it’s a very good feeling in helping some fellow cruiser in need.

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