Annika Koch & Björn Christensson

2016 Ready to leave Japan

We where not brought up in families used to the sea.
Both of us started sailing dinghies at very young age.
None of us sailed in organized sailing events nor did we race, and most of our earlier experiences were in the waters of the Swedish East Coast, south of Stockholm, the archipelagos of ST Anna and Gryt.
Our interest in sailing increased year by year and developed into teaching people in this fine art in various sea training courses. We participated as teachers in a training course for adults in August 1973 where we met for the first time.
And we are still sailing together…

1974 First summer sailing toghether

Since 1974 we have lived on the west coast of Sweden, close to Gothenburg where we, 1976 bought an empty hull of a half-ton sailing yacht.
Two years later, after a lot of engineering and carpentry, we sailed our first owned sailing yacht. A 31 feet long, 3,5 ton and the draught was 1,8 m
For various reasons, we sold the yacht after a few years, and we let our employers rule our lives for too many years. We worked too much and had very short vacations.



Until 1998, the year we bought our Forgus 37, we sailed borrowed or chartered yachts. The longest trip during this time was a seven weeks trip from Turkey to Mallorca.
We had some problems deciding what kind of sailing yacht, or more precise, how much money we could spend. The type of yacht we wanted was very soon obvious to both of us. A tru blue water yacht with a centre cockpit.
There weren’t that many yachts on the second hand market that fulfilled our “demands” during the autumn -97 and spring -98.
The best option was an almost unused, three year old Forgus 37, named “Lindisfarne”, south of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea which we bought in May 1998.

Our first trip around the south part of Sweden up to Gothenburg in a very wet and cold summer 1998 fulfilled our expectations, in spite of the bad weather.
Or perhaps it was the bad weather that made it possible for “Lindisfarne” to show her qualities and what a nice yacht she was.

2002 Sailing to the Med

2002 Gothenburg to Turkey in five months
2003 Five months sailing in the Med
2004 Around the Baltic Sea
2005 Started the trip around the world

2007 Antartica in our own yacht

2010 Fiji – a little warmer

— 2012 against all odds we upgraded from 37 to 47 feet

The new boat, a Koopmans 47 build in Holland 2001

Text and photos from our sailing and upgrading will be found on this site.


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