Boat specification Moon (2012 —>)
revised April 2016

Moon – a Koopmans 47,
Built by Klaas Bood in Nijkerk Netherland 2001

The hull is a wood core composite, 32 mm Red Ceder and three layers of fiber glass and epoxy on each side.
Under water line one layer of kevlar fiber (Twaron) and one layer of fiber glass extra inside and seaside. Total thickness of 40 – 45 mm.
Deck sandwich, 30 mm foam core in between two layers of 12 mm plywood, covered with one layer of fiber glass and epoxy.
On top of that an epoxy glued Cork deck 9 mm.
Deck section for and aft plus across the mast is solid plywood 55 mm.

14,25m L.O.A. Toal length
12m L.W.L. Length of effective water line.
3,96m Beam extreme.
1,5m resp 3,1m Draught 1,5m – centreboard down 3,1m
12,7t/14,7t/16,7t Displcement Emty / full tanks / including max load.
7,3t Ballast Lead ballast inside the hull around the centreboard casing.
250+660+50liter Water Water tanks. (50 l for bottle water or WM, gravity feeded to the sink.)
700 + 140 liter Diesle Diesel, maintank + automaticly  filled day tank
90 m2 Sailtriangle Sailarea, traditional main fully battened + for triangle.
45,3m2 2014 new Main C3  DYS laminat, Dimension Polyant, made by Albatross ,  new
48,3m2 2014 new Yankee C3  DYS laminat, Dimension Polyant, made by  Albatross, new
25,8m2 2014 new Kutter C3 DYS laminat, Dimension Polyant, made by Albatross,  new
18,65m Mast lenght Mast above water, incl VHFantenn = 19,75m
Mast 2001 Holland Spar Handmade Mast – masthead with straigt spreaders, diamant, running backstays, cutterstays babystay and double aft lowers..
Stayes and shrouds 2001 Topp shrouds 10mm dyform, aft lowers 12mm 19 strand wire, all others  10mm 19 strands. Aft lowers new 2014.
Aft stay tensioner 2001/2014 Navtec hydraulic. Total rebuildt 2014
Vang 2001/2014 Vang with gas spring and 8 geared dyneema roop, gas spring new 2014
Head stays 2001 Harken furler on Yankee and Cutter.
Engine 2001 Perkins Sabre M65, 64 hP, Hurtz 2,74, shaft 35mm
Propeller 2001 3-blad Max Prop fethering propeller diametre 600 mm
Flex koppling 2014 Aquadrive, new. New bulkhead for the pressure bearing 2013
Shaft seal 2013 Shaft seal – PSS,  new
Cutless 2014 Vesconite, imported from the manufactory in South Africa, new
Bearings rudder shaft 2014 Vesconite Mushrom (vertical and horisontal) at the keel and through the hull. Delrin in the cockpit floor. new
Cenrerboard bearings 2014 Double Vesconiteto a streigt shaft (not conic!).   new
Logg and echosounder 2014 B&G  new
Wind transducer 2014 B&G  new
Autopilot 2001/14 Whithlock 24 volt and B&G computor AP42 (AP 42 new 2014)
AIS 2014 True Heading Transponder Class B, new
Plotter 2014 B&G Zeus 8″ with WiFi unit, new
Tablet 2014 Tablet for WiFi to plotter  Lenovo Yoga 10 hd Android, new
NavPC A bunch of old computors run via AIS (NMEA 183) to get GPS and AIS.
Radar 2014 B&G 3G, new
GPS 2014 B&G + AISgps , new + a number of BU 353 GPS-puckar
VHF 2015 Simrad RS90 with AIS reciver + Uniden handheld with GPS, new + an old Icom handheld.
SSB 20?? ICOM 718 HF radio, installed  2014 but bought used.
SSB Modem 20?? Pactor 3  PTCIIusb, installed 2014 bought used
Watermaker 2014 EchoTec BSM500, 24v  55l/tim, new
JolleMotor 2013 Tohatsu 8,9HP 2 stroke, new
Dinghy 2013 Made in China 2,7m Hypalon, Al rib. new
Cork deck 2014 Marinedeck 2000 , from Holland, new
Heater 1 2001/2014 WhisperGen 5 kW hot water, circulating through eight radiators + boiler.
Heater 2 2014 Heat exchander in the engine coolingwater heats the above system. new
Heater 3 2001 Refleks furnes. Diesel gravity feeded from the daytank. Standalone air heater with a coking plate.
Boiler 2001 80 1itre, heated via WhisperGen, engine or 220 voltelectric element.
Fridge 2001 Frigomatic K35F, heat exchanger in sea water on the hull.
Windlass 2014 Anchorlift 1500watt, new
Anchor chain 2014 Cromox G6 high strength ASI318 NL, 10mm  85m chain, new
Anchores 2014 Delta 40kg high strenght stainless + Fortress FX55 Al, new , Spade Al 15kg
Startbattery 12V 2014 AGM 120 amph, new
Battery bank 24V 2015 6x 85 Amph 12V AGM ger  250 Amph 24V new
Battery bank 12V 2014 AGM 150 ah Nav instruments and VHF running on  12V, new
Battery meter 2001/13 Whisper control unit 24v, + Victron BMV-501 Battery monitor 12v new
Alternator 2001 12V 75Amp standard  +  24V  75 Amp Mastervolt
Regulator 2015 12V inbuilt in alternator – 24V Balmar 624 (24V new)
Diselfilter 2001 3 st C.A.V
GenSet 2001/2014 WhisperGen charge 25amp using 0,6l diesel per hour (incl 5kW värme)
“GenSet” 2 2014 Honda 10i, petrol driven, quiet small generator new
Battery chargers 2001 24V/25Amp Victron Skylla-TG 24/25. 12V/15 Amp Victron Pallas 12/15 CE
Inverter/charger 2001 2st 24V-220V 2000W / 50Amp. Victron Phoenix Combi 24/2000/50
DC-DC Converter 2001 24-12 V  20 Amp. Victron Orion 24/12/20
Isolation transformer 2012 Victron 3,6 kWA , 110-220V, 220-110V,  new
Wind wane 2001 Windpilot Pacific PlusII
Lifesling 2001 Plastimo

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