Why the name Moon?

The experiences from the long name Lindisfarne we decided to go for a shorter name this time.
But what to chose?
We started to look at the alphabet to find letters pronounced the same in English, Spanish and Swedish, and ended up with FLMNOS – not easy to form a name out of that.
One of our Canadian friends had the name LOON on their boat, and that was a tempting name.
When we later looked back on how we have managed to take a lot of decisions within a very short time on an almost impossible project we felt like we where on a journey to the moon.
– An unknown trip including a lot of unknown difficulties, but we managed to row the project all the way in to a safe harbour – so why not the name MOON.

The yacht is now registered under the name MOON so from now on we are – Mike – Oscar – Oscar – November – over the VHF radio.
We have also a new callsign – SFC 9810


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