Why the name Lindisfarne?

The simple explanation – the previous owner had named her Lindisfarne.
The more complex explanation is that the name should be somewhat in connection with the Vikings, and it was not to be found among the yacht names of the Swedish Sailing Association.
This turned out to be a most difficult task. Almost all of the famous “Viking names” turned up in the Yacht list!
Finally the previous owners son found a book about Lindisfanre.

Lindisfarne is the ancient name of Holy Island, situated north of Newcastle on the UK east coast just south of Scotland. The Monastery, which carries the same ancient name as the island, was ravaged by the Vikings in the year 793.
This is the first notified Viking raid, and there was the connection to the Vikings.
Why Vikings, besides we are Scandinavian.
We don’t want in any way to imitate the Vikings plundering, but the former owner did what he could, – the Spinnaker has a big Viking head in the center, all in blue and yellow.
Now you know the full story about “why Lindisfarne”.


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