Moon 2017

The plan for 2017 is to sail in British Columbia until late summer and then heading south to Mexico.
A main goal is to circumnavigate Vancouver Island. Maybe a sound like a small plan but the island is 250 nautical miles long and west side is quite exposed to the North Pacific.
The South West coast seems to be fantastic and when the NE Pacific high has established the winds tend to be favourable. But from mid July the big mist roll in along the coast due to the cold water.
With plenty of time we hope to have a nice trip.

This year starts in Ladysmith Community Marina on Vancouver Island where Moon has wintered while we were in Sweden for almost two months. We came back to Moon January 7.
– January until beginning of March will be spent maintaining Moon and to prepare for the sailing season.
– March and April sailing in the waters between Vancouver Island, Seattle and Vancouver with a short break for hauling out to do some bottom cleaning and changing of anodes.
– April/May starting go north on the Northeast side of Vancouver Island and then down along the Southwest coast.
– July – August back to the sheltered waters between USA, Canada mainland and Vancouver Island.

We hope to have time to visit many of the islands before leaving BC to go south in late summer.
Maybe we make a stop in Columbia River to visit friends and a dear old friend – Lindisfarne – who is in Portland Yacht Club.
Then south along the cost we of course have to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego before crossing the boarder to Mexico where we plan to go in to the Sea of Cortez for some whale watching.
In Mexico we also have to decide whether going down around South America – or take the shortcut through the Panama Canal.


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