Week 43 23 – 29 October 2017 Helsingborg – Bua – Helsingborg – Göteborg.

23 October Monday Helsingborg – Bua
Still problem with our daytime adjustment. After a shower and breakfast we took a temporary farewell to Björn’s mother and drove to our friends Anders and Agneta in Bua, south of Gothenburg.
Very good and warming soup for lunch was served when we arrived after almost 130 miles on the highway.
Took a long walk by the sea and then we had a nice evening with lots of talk and good food.

24 October Tuesday Bua – Helsingborg
Breakfast at the dining table and then more talk around the table in the living room. The weather didn’t invite us for a walk!
After a quick lunch they drove to Gothenburg and we drove to Varberg where Annika did a quick health check at the hospital. Another quick stop in Falkenberg further south at an outlet for outdoor equipment where we bought lots of nice warm under wears, trousers and hiking boots for our southern “expedition” next year.
Back in Helsingborg well before dinner.

25 October Wednesday Helsingborg.
After our usual porridge breakfast we had to continue to choose photos for the slideshow.
Did some shopping where we also bought some 220 volt stuff for Moon. Hopeless to get those things in North America!
Some wind and rain during the day. But we have still summer temperature, meaning more than ten degrees C average day and night.

26 October Thursday Helsingborg
Almost sunshine when we woke up. After breakfast we had to wear sun glasses when having our daily walk!
Annika prepared the photos we had chosen; now we only miss some maps.
Drove to town in the afternoon to bring back the rental car and bought some ingredients for the evening dinner, the last this time with Björn’s mother.

27 October Friday Helsingborg – Gothenburg – Dyrön
Rain all night but clear sky when we had breakfast. Got all our stuff together, had a cup of coffee together with Björn’s mother and then walked to the bus station to take the bus for Gothenburg
In Gothenburg we took the local bus to Björlanda, where Bill waited for us in his car. Ten minutes later we were installed in Chess, Bill and Marie Louise Arcona 400 for a weekend sail.
Although there was plenty of wind predicted we had to use the engine for the first hour. Then we sailed to Dyrön where we moored for the night.
Lots of crayfish and sparkling wine ended the day.

28 October Saturday Dyrön – Mollösund
The night became a little bit unsettled due to some surge in the harbor, and for that reason we had a late breakfast. After a long walk around the island we hoisted a reefed main and a jib and sailed north inshore around the island Tjörn to stay out of the big swell offshore.
Between Orust and Tjörn we got some swell from the sea, but only for a short moment, until we again came behind islands.
Moored in Mollösund harbor, completely protected from swell and the gale.
Had a “warmer” in the cockpit together with another sailboat from Gothenburg but after an hour it got chilly and we continued inside, preparing for dinner.

30 October Sunday Mollösund – Gothenburg
A very quiet night and we all slept very well. Lots of rain during the night, but already at breakfast time the sky cleared. Red about sever storm warning west of Denmark. The wind is obviously still very strong. Luckily it is northerly and will give us a full speed on a downwind run to Gothenburg. Had to gibe several times as the fairway changed direction. We got an average speed around nine knots over three hours! We saw the archipelago fly by in full sunshine. Hard to imagine a better weekend under sail!
Our “crew” from our sailing in Alaska, Berit, was waiting for us on the pier when we arrived in port and took us to her flat, overlooking the harbor of Gothenburg. We will stay in her flat until Saturday when we continue our trip to Stockholm.

Annika & Björn


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